Seacotrans Trade Co., (STC) was established in 2000, the main objective of STC was local trading with buying Imported Coal from Importers and sell them into the market, over the passage of time the Company has gone through significant changed, we started our own imports of coal and Export different kind of minerals mainly Gypsum, Talc (Soapstone) to different countries, STC is a dynamic, innovative and highly responsible customer focused organization. Our services also includes Ship handling ,Stevedoring, Tally, Survey, Freight Forwarding, Custom Clearance, Logistics & Transport,  Shifting of Cargo, Warehousing etc.

STC brand is associated with different core activities that serve a variety of markets throughout Pakistan.


Imports and Exports and local trading.

(a)Import Coal and other commodities

 (b) Export all kind of Minerals. 



Stevedoring, Transportation, Shipping solution, Customs Clearance, Freight Forwarding and other allied businesses.


Consultants for Finance & accounts, FBR, SRB, SBP for Shipping and Freight Forwarding Remittances and Tax returns, SECP Matters etc.

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